Gin Ocean is a collaborative effort spearheaded by Joseph and Andrea, veritable wünderkinder of … well, just about everything.

Joseph blogs at Destructoid and contributes to TouchArcade, and fancies himself a freelancer, which is a fancy way to beg for free games in return for hastily-written screeds on this or that.

His smarter and prettier half, Andrea, is Nashville’s finest purveyor of international relations, weddings, indie music, and Republican-baiting. She has perennial wanderlust.

Gin Ocean is a funny name for a blog for two reasons: it is not only a particularly useful shibboleth — if you don’t think Achewood is funny, you probably won’t like it here — but also the name is gin ocean.

An ocean.

Made of gin.

I really think that covers it.

Curator’s note: our banner image — itself the result of an elaborate inside joke in which a pelican named Big Bopper serves as a good-luck charm for Andrea and me — comes ‘shooped courtesy of Topher Cantler, a talented artist, animator, and cartoonist and a genuinely kind dude.


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