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/How to become a Pokemon gym leader, or, What the hell is wrong with me?

  1. Pick a single Pokemon type.
  2. Generate a random number between 1 and 6.
  3. Create your team here. Use the randomly generated number from step 2 and the type from step 1, excluding Legendary and un-evolved Pokemon.

You can grok my set up to the right. To be honest — my mind-meld with SoulSilver notwithstanding — I haven’t played any of the most recent Pokemon games enough to know whether or not I have a good team. (That National Dex just grows up so fast.)

Taking a quick glance, though, it seems like I have some built in resistance to fire-types: Empoleon’s water- and Probopass and Bastiodon’s rock-types will cut my fire weakness in half, right?

God help me.

[Via Fuck Yeah! Super Effective!]



It's not very effective.

Squirtle used Water Gun!

Uploaded to Flickr by photographer Alexander Quinn, the original title is “Go Fuck Yourself, Gary Oak.” There are plenty of other shots like this one in his stream — Pidgey, the Squirtle evolutionary family, Rattata, Eevee — but this one got me all tickled.

[Alexander.Quinn via TinyCartridge]

/Discovering Discovery

dscvryLately, I’ve taken to reading Spiegel Online, the web-based offering of German news magazine Der Spiegel, as a means of procrastinating during my library job.  It’s always really rewarding when I can get through a whole article, but it has the nasty habit of worsening my already crippling wanderlust.

The Kultur (culture) section of Spiegel Online publishes a weekly article titled “Die wichtigsten CDs der Woche,” or “The Most Important CDs of the Week,” a smattering of (mostly) hip albums released that week. It’s generally stuff that I’ve heard of, or something that I imagine NPR would really be into.

This Monday, I stumbled upon the debut album from Discovery, the electronic twosome of Rostam Batmanglij and Wes Miles, of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, respectively. It’s a lot like what I imagine Hot Chip to sound like if they were given an 808 synthesizer and told to be really over the top, which has its hits and misses. The album fluctuates back and forth between super-catchy and trying-too-hard, but if you don’t take it too seriously, it’s a really fun listen.

Regardless, there is something to be said for a few of the tracks, “So Insane” and “Swing Tree” being two of my favorites.  The rest of the album, released stateside on Tuesday, is available to purchase or stream online from their website.

/Concept consortio: BioShock 2, Little King Story, and Noby Noby Boy

I love concept art — it’s a great sneak peek into the game development process and it almost always looks cool. Even if the game is dogshit, I can guarantee that there was at least something about its seminal concept that was interesting or compelling or, at the very least, pretty.

With that in mind, feast your eyes on some art from games that I’m not even particularly jazzed about: Continue reading

/#musicmonday: Building a better Best Fwends album

Best Fwends are a chiptunes/pop-punk conglomerate from Texas made up of two dudes, some machines, and an iPod. They were recently signed to Moshi Moshi, and none of the 34 (!) songs on their first LP, Alphabetically Arranged, is over two minutes. Aaww-sum.

On the other hand, for every charming, addictive, brilliant piece of sonic noise Best Fwends produces, there are two or three that either forgettable, annoying, or just bad.

So! Here’s my version of a sleeker, svelter, and sexier Alphabetically Arranged: it’s got a saner number of tracks and clocks in at 21:27.

Here’s the tracklist:

  • 02 Adultnap
  • 05 Cloud of Hope (f. The Death Set)
  • 08 Days Seem Shorter
  • 10 Dream Off
  • 11 Dump in the Dark
  • 13 Get Away from Me
  • 16 House Ghost
  • 19 Little Robo Wan
  • 25 Sing to Live
  • 26 Skate or Live
  • 30 Aaww-some (Johnny Siera Remix)

Since the standard WordPress doesn’t include music uploading, I’ve uploaded them all to You can start the list here. There’s no way to stream the entire set, so you’ll have to play each song individually (but it’s so worth it!).

I know it’s unwieldy (the same playlist at is actually even more useless), but it’s the best I can do.

P.S. — I forgot to add a song called “Zwzzt,” but here’s a link to the song.

/Ad agencies, take heed

If all commercials were as wonderful as the one above, I wouldn’t abuse my mom’s Dish Network DVR system and bypass them altogether.

The premise: anything dipped in the waters of Launceston, Tasmania comes out better than before, included the beer made from it. I watched with fascination as the narrator’s guitar changed from standard acoustic to steel guitar to sitar, and people flocked to the water’s edge to improve their collection of trinkets, prompting the question – what would you want to trade up?

I would dunk my 20-year-old stuffed tiger, Mr. Tiger, in hopes that he would become real, allowing me to live out my childhood fantasy of being Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin – Rajah was the best ever.

/NPR’s All Songs Considered hosts the Avett Brothers; I try not to cry at my desk

Last semester, Joseph and I had the opportunity to see the Avett Brothers perform in Chattanooga (without a doubt the best show I’ve ever seen), and ever since, I’ve been impatiently waiting for the August 8 release date of their newest album I and Love and You.

Gratefully, NPR has thrown me an aural morsel in the form of its Tiny Desk Concert series, the most recent installment of which features the Avett Brothers.  The three-song set, played behind the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen, showcases two tracks from their forthcoming release (“Laundry Room” and  “Down With the Shine”),  as well as one of my all-time favorites, “Bella Donna.” It was the one song I wanted to but did not get to hear in Chattanooga, and I thought I was going to cry while watching the video at work.

Seriously, watch it and see if you don’t get a little misty.

Other noteworthy segments in the series include sets from Horse Feathers, Great Lake Swimmers’ Tony Dekker,  and Thao Nguyen (huge girl crush), all of which can be found here.

All Songs Considered hosts a new Tiny Desk Concert every week; yet another addition to my already cluttered RSS feed.