/#musicmonday: Building a better Best Fwends album

Best Fwends are a chiptunes/pop-punk conglomerate from Texas made up of two dudes, some machines, and an iPod. They were recently signed to Moshi Moshi, and none of the 34 (!) songs on their first LP, Alphabetically Arranged, is over two minutes. Aaww-sum.

On the other hand, for every charming, addictive, brilliant piece of sonic noise Best Fwends produces, there are two or three that either forgettable, annoying, or just bad.

So! Here’s my version of a sleeker, svelter, and sexier Alphabetically Arranged: it’s got a saner number of tracks and clocks in at 21:27.

Here’s the tracklist:

  • 02 Adultnap
  • 05 Cloud of Hope (f. The Death Set)
  • 08 Days Seem Shorter
  • 10 Dream Off
  • 11 Dump in the Dark
  • 13 Get Away from Me
  • 16 House Ghost
  • 19 Little Robo Wan
  • 25 Sing to Live
  • 26 Skate or Live
  • 30 Aaww-some (Johnny Siera Remix)

Since the standard WordPress doesn’t include music uploading, I’ve uploaded them all to orcist.vox.com. You can start the list here. There’s no way to stream the entire set, so you’ll have to play each song individually (but it’s so worth it!).

I know it’s unwieldy (the same playlist at last.fm is actually even more useless), but it’s the best I can do.

P.S. — I forgot to add a song called “Zwzzt,” but here’s a link to the song.


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